Designing Show-Stopping Apps & Interfaces

UX/UI & App Design

When designing apps and interfaces, user experience (UX) is a key driver when making educated decisions. My UX/UI & App Design service combines the science of user experience with the beauty of show-stopping design.

User Experience Design (UX)

User experience design is the name given to the process of mapping out a user’s journey, pain points and overall experience when using a digital product (examples of digital products include smartphone apps, CRMs or website applications).

I lead on user experience by conducting key research, compiling user data, user journey mapping and implementing accessible design standards.

User Interface Design (UI)

User Interface Design (UI) is the “what we see” of a digital product and what we as users interact with. Examples of UI elements include buttons, colours, icons, text and form fields.

I use the learnings from UX findings to create a UI that is fitting with the end user’s needs.

Application Design

Designing a user app for a smartphone or desktop computer is growing in popularity everyday, but it’s important that businesses choose the right partner to work with to produce these apps.

I work with business directors directly, to get an understanding of the app’s purpose and intent and combines his client’s goals with a design that fit’s the needs of its user’s goals.


These case studies outline five success stories that have been handpicked for this showcase. Covering services such as Web Design, Branding and Creative Support; these projects highlight what can be achieved when you align your business goals with creative expertise: a show-stopping project that celebrates the core of your business.