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Branding, UX & UI Design


The aim of this project had several prongs, the first of which was to create a slick brand which was inline with the company’s trademark. The next part of the project was to scope out user journeys for VerifiiD’s two apps, sign up processes and user onboarding processes. The final part of the project was to combine the branding with the UX learnings to create a beautiful app and dashboard UI.

User Journey Mapping

The first step of the project was to map out the user journey of each app. A user journey is a series of steps a user may or may not take when interacting with your product.

This step of the project started with an interactive workshop where we used post-it-notes to plan out the journeys on a wall, this was then digitised on a computer & shared with all relevant stakeholders.


Once the user journey maps were agreed & signed off, the screens of each app needed to be wireframes; wireframing is the process of creating simple blueprints of each step of the journey to outline the placement of designed elements such as images, buttons & icons.

Prototyping & Testing

Using an online prototyping tool, I set up prototypes of the app’s wireframes, and invited test subjects to work their way through the user journeys we had scoped out. This resulted in key learnings which were applied to the next steps of the project.


Once all stakeholders were happy with the wireframes, the full brand needed to be designed. The company had an existing brand that needed expanding within certain limitations due to trademark law. I worked with them to define a colour scheme & typography pairing which would pair with a refined logo mark.

UI Design

Taking into account all the key learnings from the previous steps of the project, the final step was to create the fleshed out & fully branded versions of each app & dashboard. The final user interface (UI) design really impressed the key stakeholders and the amount of users is growing substantially month on month.

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The Results

The VerifiiD app has now gone to market and is onboarding hundreds of users every day. Bars and clubs are now onboarding successfully in an abundance as planned.

Andy is continuing to work with VerifiiD as their Creative Director for all future projects and the next version of the apps.


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