A digital identity for a personable brand

Web Design, Brand Building & Content Creation


The aim of this project was to define a digital identity for business coach and motivational speaker, Angela Preston, using photography, web design and brand growth techniques. Based in Liverpool and working across the UK, Angela helps growing businesses realise their potential and put it into action. 


Personifying a company’s brand requires photography of the “face of the brand”; so in this case Angela Preston. This step of the project included a three part photoshoot directed and organised by Andy The Creative.

The three steps included photography of headshots, client consultations and motivational speaking.

Brand Growth

The next step of the project was to work on growing the brand. Before this project took place, the only brand asset for Angela Preston Coaching was the logo, so this was the starting point. 

Andy helped to define the brand colours, textures and typography to be used going forwards across both digital and print media.

Website Design

Combining the first two stages of the project, the new website acts as a hub for users to easily access information about the different parts of the business as well as arrange a consultation with Angela. 

Directly answering the brief, the new website reflects Angela’s personable tone through first-person written content, photography and colour.

“I could not have asked for a more professional, welcoming site to display all of the services I provide as a company. Andy’s attention to detail and his imagination on creating the perfect website along with the time he takes with his clients can not be measured.”

Angela Preston, Director, Angela Preston Coaching

Five Bespoke Layouts

The final output was a website that totalled the five bespoke layouts below.
Visit the website at angelaprestoncoaching.com

The Results

Angela Preston now has a website to be proud of that completely personifies her brand.

Since the launch of the new Angela Preston Coaching website, Angela and Andy have continued to work together on projects that have grown her brand further.


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