Rounding up a great year with 4 CSS Design Awards


In the world of web design there are three prestigious awards a designer’s designs can be nominated for: Awwwards, Webby and CSS Design Awards. On 26th December 2020, I was awarded four awards at the CSS Design Awards for my work on In Focus Consulting.

Best UI Design

UI (User Interface) design, the name given to the task designing a positive experience, was down to a public vote which won on 26th December 2020.

Best UX Design

UX (User Experience) design, the name given to the task of making a product work to it’s full functionality, also won following the public vote

Best Innovation

Innovation in this sense is in relation to creating a brand and website which functions in a way is not the norm: often pushing boundaries and experimenting with new ideas.

Special Kudos

The CSS Design Awards Special Kudos is an award that recognises the design of websites that not yet been awarded “Website of the Day” but are noteworthy in their own right, voted by the CSSDA panel of expert judges.


Ending the year with a win of this calibre is incredible, and I’m so happy.

For more information regarding my web design a specialism, please follow the link.