Five online tools that help keep my business running


On a day-to-day basis I use several online tools that help me stay organised, keep in touch with my clients and ensure communications stay up & running on a daily basis.


Trello is a free-to-use kanban board which can be used to stay organised. It works off creating lists of project statuses and dragging tasks written on cards between each list. The lists I created for my business are: Leads, Opps, Landed, To Do, Awaiting Feedback, Awaiting More Info, Meeting Set Up, Invoiced, Paid and Completed.

Examples of how Trello can be used include:

  • As a project management tool
  • To manage opps, leads & onboarding
  • Organising events for your business


Slack is a professional & secure instant messaging programme which can be launched in both your browser and as desktop & mobile apps. Using slack allows you to create a number of chats to discuss specific subject matters. I use Slack to communicate with clients as well as my external & seamless teams.

Google G-Suite

Google G-Suite offers so many services that I use on a daily basis and I can’t choose just one to talk about, so here goes…

  1. G-Suite Mail & Calendar:For my business mailbox, I use G-Suite Mail as their mail platform is extremely easy to use, manage & update.
  2. Google Meet: Most of my meetings & consultations are done over phone call, email or video chat. Google Meet combines all three of the above, meaning I can regularly communicate with my worldwide customer base through whichever communication method they prefer.
  3. Google Drive, Sheets & Docs: Google’s answers to Dropbox, Word & Excel are all included in the G-Suite package and I use all of them on a daily basis.


As the world turns more digital day by day, more & more meetings, networking events and conferences are moving online. I try to attend at least one of these online events once a week, and they often take place on Zoom – the online video conferencing tool.


Revolut is an online bank with no high street branches, therefore they have invested into their online platform to make it as easy to use & as useful as possible. I use Revolut for Business to manage my accounts, expenses, 3rd party applications and direct debits.


The five online applications above are an integral force that keep my business running smoothy, I would love to know what applications you use and why they help your business.

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