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The exercise of providing creative support often extends into the production and management of brand assets, including but not exclusively brochures, ebooks, landing pages, email marketing and exhibition banners. 

Choosing my Creative Support services will allow you to streamline your print, email marketing and social media strategies in an effective and impactful way.

“We’ve been working with Andy on a freelance basis for over 12 months and we view him as a great addition to our team. He knows and understands our brand, always responds quickly and offers good value for money.”

Holly Smith, Marketing Manager, Capstone Financial

Brand Assets

I work with a number of successful brands on a month by month basis, producing assets such as advertisements, brochures, whitepapers, ebooks & blog articles.

These brand assets are used by businesses to help reach more customers and turn them into clients of their own. All brand assets are designed with users in mind, assuring that all their needs are met throughout all mediums. 

Email Marketing

There’s a reason 90% of all businesses use email marketing to reach existing and potential customers, and that’s because it helps businesses and customers build relationships with each other through constant communication.

My email marketing service strives to design & build conversion-driven emails to a database of your customers, leads & partners.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the internet’s most influential platform types, with over 90% of all businesses having accounts on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. The problem many businesses face is that they’re too busy to keep their social media platforms updated.

This is where my social media service comes in, offering full management, design & posting on all your social media accounts, as well as running of advertising campaigns, growing your platforms and replying to comments and messages.

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These case studies outline five success stories that have been handpicked for this showcase. Covering services such as Web Design, Branding and Creative Support; these projects highlight what can be achieved when you align your business goals with creative expertise: a show-stopping project that celebrates the core of your business.