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An essential part of most creative projects is content, which comes in two forms: written content and photography. Users will look to both written & visual content for prompts for information, trust and tone.

Andy The Creative is one of the few content creation agencies in Liverpool that offer content writing services, photography and illustration design services.

“We wanted a website that was fresh and captured our straightforward approach and you really delivered. You have really captured the essence of us as a business and have created a site that matches exactly with our requirements.”

Daniel Martin, Director, In Focus Consulting

Written Content

Andy’s written content service is for businesses that need support with creating engaging written content that is optimised for search consoles such as Google and Bing.

Andy’s process often begins with interviewing the key decision makers within a business and a selection of their clients; this helps me to get an understanding of what the business does and why people should work with them. Once the first draft of content is written, it is audited by an SEO expert to assure it contains keywords and is optimised to its fullest.


Brand photography is often used as visual prompting for users & customers to give clues towards what services a company offers as well as showing different levels of professional tone.

Andy The Creative partners with two outstanding photographers in Liverpool and Manchester who offer services such as product photography, portrait photography and photo retouching.


If photography isn’t an option for you or your business, illustration is worth considering as not every user will have time or the concentration level to read written content.

Illustration comes in different shapes and forms including the production of infographics, designs of characters or even 3D renders of products.

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These case studies outline five success stories that have been handpicked for this showcase. Covering services such as Web Design, Branding and Creative Support; these projects highlight what can be achieved when you align your business goals with creative expertise: a show-stopping project that celebrates the core of your business.