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Andy The Creative’s brand and logo design services are not only for new to market businesses, but also for existing businesses who want to strengthen their existing brand.

Andy The Creative’s brand building to service has helped support businesses, of an array of sectors, in Liverpool and worldwide for the past ten years.

Not only does he clearly love his craft Andy is exceptional at communicating ideas while embracing the clients’ needs. Our firm will turn to him again and again for his excellent, creative designs and quick turn-around on projects.

Sean Young, Managing Director, e2 Associates

Creative Vision

Andy The Creative has extensive experience in full scale branding projects, often envisioning the end result of a project before it has begun. Additionally Andy’s experience in project management allows him to effectively outline the stages towards getting there. Andy The Creative’s process includes concept creation, brand development and brand activation.

Industry Knowledge

A huge pull factor that clients work with Andy The Creative is his knowledge of their industries. Whenever a new project opportunity arises, Andy ensures that thorough research of the client’s industry is explored in depth, to get a detailed understanding of goals, competitors and latest industry news. Combining this with creative vision, Andy has created unique & wonderful brand identities for an abundance of different businesses. 

Brand Growth

Not all brands are struggling, launching or changing; a lot of brands are great just as they are, but all brands require growth. Brand growth is the process of taking an existing brand and expanding through different mediums including email marketing, social media outreach, print materials, digital marketing and website design. 

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These case studies outline five success stories that have been handpicked for this showcase. Covering services such as Web Design, Branding and Creative Support; these projects highlight what can be achieved when you align your business goals with creative expertise: a show-stopping project that celebrates the core of your business.