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UK Freelancer of the Year 2020


Andy The Creative helps businesses achieve and exceed their goals through services such as Web Design, Brand Building and Content Creation. Andy The Creative takes the time & effort off your hands, concentrating on the single most important thing in business: focused results.


These case studies outline five success stories that have been handpicked for this showcase. Covering services such as Web Design, Branding and Creative Support; these projects highlight what can be achieved when you align your business goals with creative expertise: a show-stopping project that celebrates the core of your business.

“His patience knows no bounds and he never misses a deadline. Importantly, his understanding of marketing and PR processes is invaluable, resulting in some of the classiest and most ‘on point’ material I’ve seen.”

Nicola Perrins, Director, Presto PR


220% increase in new website visitors
Winner of best in design, innovation, UI & UX 2016
CSS Design Awards
120 new leads from a two month lead gen campaign
Advanced Aesthetics